5 Movies Every Business Owner Should See

senior businesswoman in front of computer5 Movies Every Business Owner Should See

Here in the Rocklin and Sacramento area and throughout California we love to watch movies. We are a nation of movie lovers. Whether you are viewing them on DVD, Netflix, or at the theater they provide an outlet for entertainment. But they can also be a way to gain business insight and inspiration.

Chances are you have watched a few movies that, as a business owner, have given you a few ideas. Or maybe they gave you a little inspiration to go into work the next day and make change or two. The right movies can have that impact, even on business owners. Here are 5 movies that every business owner should see:

  1. Trading Places. This is a movie that every business owner should see simply because it can give you an idea of how quickly the tides can turn. It will also make you appreciate when you are up, and hopefully keep you from engaging in illegal insider trading.
  2. Jerry Maguire. While showing him the money may not have come easy, Jerry Maguire hung in there. He showed that it takes dedication and ingenuity to become a successful entrepreneur. Although he made it a quick decision to become an entrepreneur, and struggled to get his business off the ground, the end result is a successful one that may leave you yelling “Show me the money!”
  3. Forrest Gump. The beauty in this movie for business owners is the simplicity. Forrest Gump was a simple man who turned an idea into an amazing success. Another great aspect is how humble he remained, despite the dollars being added to his bank account.
  4. Moneyball. This is a great movie for entrepreneurs because it shows you strategy and how to sell ideas. What works in this movie may not work for everyone, but it makes you think. You may also never look at baseball the same again.
  5. Erin Brockovich. Being a legal movie, we had to mention this one. This is a movie that shows you never know who your star employee can be, and that it is all about determination. This movie should make you re-evaluate your criteria for hiring new recruits. Even those without formal training can become superstars.

There is business advice all around, even in the movies that we watch. Whether in Rocklin or Sacramento or beyond, they can help give you an idea, spark some inspiration, or merely give you something to laugh about. So sit back, relax, and check out one of these movies. You will be glad you did!


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