5 Things Writing an E-Book May do for Your Business, by Roseville Area Attorney Terry L. Gilbeau

rocklin area attorneyMillions of people are turning to e-books as a way to get information out without going through traditional publishers. With so many people turning to e-readers it has made the idea of an e-book even more appealing than ever. But it’s not just authors who have a story to tell that are turning to e-books. Millions of businesses are publishing e-books as well, and for good reason! 

For businesses in the Rocklin and Sacramento areas and beyond, publishing an e-book has never been easier. There are some great reasons for businesses to do so, including:

  1. Establish expertise. One of the fastest ways to establish yourself as an authority on a topic is to write a book about it. If you write a book in your company’s field you will help to quickly establish expertise in the field.
  2. Use as hand-out. The e-book can be given out as a hand-out or left behind when making sales calls. Being in e-book format you can also e-mail it to your potential customers. The information in the e-book may seal the deal in getting their business or further explain what it is that your company or product does.
  3. Attract publicity. If you have an e-book you can also use on-demand printing to print hard copies of the book. Both options can be offered to local journalists or bloggers that cover your area of interest. Book in hand, they can then write a review of it, giving your company some good word-of-mouth publicity.
  4. Turn a profit. Depending on what your goal is with the e-book, you can use it to either sell online to people or as a free download to those who register at your Website. It gives them a little incentive to register and if you choose to sell it you can usually sell it at an affordable rate since it is an e-book, making it a profitable venture.
  5. Give people info they need. Sometimes people just need some good information. If you write an e-book that provides it to them then they may turn to you when they need to make purchases as well. They will have come to trust your information, prompting them to want to business with you.

There are businesses in the Sacramento area that have created e-books as a way of marketing their company, or establishing themselves as an authority on a subject. Every business can do this. There is just one caveat to this, which is that you want to make sure that the book is done professionally. Everything from the writing and editing to the layout needs to be professional, since it is a reflection of your business.


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