5 Tips for Applying for Small Business Grants by Rocklin and Sacramento Attorney Terry L. Gilbeau

Each year, businesses get grants that enable them to do the things they need to, such as get started, pay their debt, and expand. Those businesses are right here in the Rocklin and Sacramento area, as well as beyond. While grants are often available, and can be quite helpful for small businesses, it can be tricky to figure out how to get such a grant. Yet you may just find that it’s an easier process than you ever imagined!

There are some things you can do to help yourself be more successful at getting the small business grants you apply for. Here are 5 tips for applying for small business grants:

  1. Invest the time. Searching for and applying for grants takes time. It may take weeks of searching to find appropriate grants to apply for. Invest the time so that you find grants that are a good match for your business and what you want to do. Start with the Small Business Administration tool that allows you to search for grants and loans, as well as the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance.
  2. Be thorough. If you apply for a grant and are not thorough and accurate, there is a good chance your time will have been wasted. Be sure to provide all the required information and be accurate when doing so.
  3. Follow up. After submitting the grant application, follow up with the grant officer. You will want to keep it on your radar so that your application is not just submitted and forgotten about. Put it on your calendar and follow up periodically to see where the process is at and whether there is anything more you need to do to help make it successful.
  4. Hire help. Applying for small business grants can be a good route to getting the capital you need. But it can also be a process that many people don’t understand or have the time to invest in. If that is your case, hire someone to help out. From grant writers to accountants, there are people who have experience with grants and can help you be successful; that makes hiring them well worth the investment.
  5. Consider other options. If you feel the grant process requires too much time, or worry that you might not be successful, consider using a site like Kickstarter. You can post your information there, asking for funding from the public, and you may be surprised to find that many people do get the funding they are seeking.

Throughout Rocklin and Sacramento, there are small businesses who need financial assistance in getting started and expanding. Small business grants, which are usually available on the state, federal, and local level, are an ideal area to explore to get the needed funds.

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