5 Tips for Throwing a Holiday Business Party, by Rocklin Attorney Terry L. Gilbeau

Throwing a company party is a tradition that has been around for a long time. Company parties during the holiday season can be a great way to reward your employees, as well as strengthen bonds. But without the right planning they can also be the starting point for what leads later to unwanted complaints or even lawsuits. Whether in Rocklin and Sacramento area, or beyond, it is ideal to take some precautions when planning an office party for the holidays.

Rather than just set out a spiked punch bowl or invite everyone to the local bar for your party, there are some things that you will want to consider. Here are 5 tips for throwing a company party: 

  1. Consider location. If possible, aim for holding the party in a family friendly location. The last thing you want is to make any spouses uncomfortable or to encourage problems by holding it in a place like a bar.
  2. Make it optional. Employees should be invited to the party, but attending should not be mandatory. Not all employees want to engage in company parties, for whatever reason, and their wishes should be respected.
  3. Encourage responsible behavior. Send out a memo that encourages all employees to be responsible, even while at the party. If there is alcohol flowing it lowers inhibitions and could increase the risks of things like sexual harassment. Speaking of, avoid the mistletoe so that people don’t feel they must kiss if they find themselves under it.
  4. Stop serving. Prior to the end of the party the alcohol should be cut off, giving people time between their last drink and heading home. Also, avoid encouraging your employees to drink. If you are going to have alcohol that is fine, but don’t play drinking games, for example.
  5. Offer rides. If you have alcohol at your party there will likely be a few people that should not be driving home. Rather than risk any problems that could come back to you later, offer people a free cab ride home if they need it. 

Businesses throughout Rocklin, Roseville, and Sacramento will be looking to hold a holiday party for their employees. They can be a lot of fun, but considering the above points can help make your party go a little smoother, as well as the days the follow. Your employees can eat, drink, and be merry. But they need to do it with a little pre-planning to ensure everyone is comfortable and safe!

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