5 Tips to Help Green Your Office, by Rocklin Attorney Terry L. Gilbeau

Have you ever wondered just how green, or environmentally friendly, your office is? Most of us in the Rocklin, Roseville and Sacramento areas strive to be environmentally friendly, but while we do that at home, we often overlook some important things in the office.  Yet it is important to consider how green our businesses are, because we spend a lot of our time there, as do our employees. The good news is that there is likely some simple changes you can make to help make your office greener.

Here are 5 tips for helping to green your office:

  1. Paper. It’s estimated that the average person working in an office uses around 10,000 sheets of copy paper every year. That’s a lot of trees and energy being used to create the paper. Help reduce the carbon footprint on this by opting for 100 percent post consumer recycled paper for the office, and set up a recycling bin for all the paper that is discarded.
  2. Computers. The computers in your office can use a lot of energy to keep running, especially if left on over night. Encourage employees to shut their computer off each night, or at the least to shut their monitor off before they leave for the evening.
  3. Disposables. If you have a company break room or kitchen, try to get the disposables out. If they are plastic ones they are ending up sitting in a landfill, without biodegrading. Instead, opt for reusable utensils, cups, plates, etc. If you need to, invest in an energy efficient dishwasher for the kitchen.
  4. Food. Encourage employees to adopt a “Healthy Monday” routine when packing their lunch, heading out, or ordering in. Adopting this policy provides a more environmentally friendly approach to company dining. If you have a cafeteria for your employees, adopt the policy there as well.
  5. Water. Bottled water is a big waste on the environment. Skip offering bottled water, and get a filtering system so that people can drink from a water cooler with their reusable cups. Also, set up recycling bins for those who happen to bring in their own water bottles or other containers that can be recycled.

Greening your office, whether in Rocklin, Roseville or Sacramento, is something that impacts us as a whole. These are small changes your office can make that can add up to a lot of good for the planet. If you don’t want to overwhelm everyone by making the changes all at once, opt to make one or two per month. After a few months, your office will be a lot greener!


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