5 Ways to Green Your Office

TRocklin Attorney Terry L. Gilbeau, Attorney, Business Attorney, Business Law, Terry Gilbeau, Roseville Law, Roseville law, corporate law, roseville, attorney, business, Gilbeau, Terry, qualities, business leaderhis month we celebrate Earth Day, making it a great time to consider what we can do to make our businesses more environmentally friendly. Many of us have made great strides at home to be greener, but we often forget the impact that our office environment has on planet. Whether your business is located in the Rocklin and Sacramento area or somewhere else in California, it impacts all of us, so even making small changes can pay off big.

The good news is that there are a lot of small changes you can make in your office in order to be more environmentally friendly. Here are 5 ways you can green your office: 

  1. Use less paper. It is estimated that the average office working will use around 10,000 sheets of paper throughout the course of a year. A quick headcount and doing the math will show you just how alarming that can be. Often times paper is only being used on one side, a lot is being trashed, and many things are being printed that don’t actually need to be. Consider going paperless on documents that do not really need to be printed. Also, opt for post-consumer recycled paper when ordering your office supplies.
  2. Recycle. Keeping recycling bins in your office is a good way to help go green. All the extra papers, junk mail, and recyclable items that are needed can go there. Make a few calls to find out how to set up the recycling system for your office and you will be making a big step in the right direction.
  3. Adjust the thermostat. Heating and cooling can be a big expense for the building, but it also uses a lot of energy. Adjust the temperature by just two degrees warmer in the summer and two degrees cooler in the winter and the planet, and your pocketbook, will see a benefit.
  4. Consider the lighting. Many office buildings use a lot of overhead lighting that isn’t actually needed because they get so much natural light. If your business gets a lot of natural lighting, consider cutting back on the number of overhead lights being used. Also, be sure to shut them off each night to save energy.
  5. Ditch the disposables. When it comes to disposables, the average office worker uses around 500 cups per year. That adds up. Then add in utensils too, and there is a lot of environmental waste. Make a kitchen or break room switch to non-disposable mugs, utensils, and other items.

Going green isn’t just for at home. Businesses around the country have been following suit and making an impact as well. This Earth Day, consider making small changes, letting your employees adjust, and then adding a couple of more. Better yet, create a company “green team” of employees who want to be involved helping to have a greener office. Put them in charge of taking care of the issue and see what they do. Chances are they will come up with some great ideas, be happy to get involved, and your business will be making efforts to be a part of the solution!

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