5 Ways to Reward Employees Without Spending Money

5 Ways to Reward Employees Without Spending Money

There are many employees who deserve recognition and rewards for the hard work that they do. After all, your employees are the backbone of your company, whether you are in Rocklin and Sacramento or beyond. Giving back to those employees who stand out may be something you want to do, but aren’t quite sure how. The good news is that there are plenty of ways to give back, even if you can’t afford to spend money to do it!

Employees can literally make or break your business, making it essential that you have good ones on your team. Here are 5 ways that you can reward your employees for a job well done, without spending any money to do it:


  1. New title. People love a good career title. If you have an employee who consistently does a great job, consider giving them a boost in title. You may want to let these employees choose their own title, with you giving final approval over its usage. This is a small gesture, but can mean a lot to the employee.
  2. Time off. Giving employees an extra vacation day or day off won’t cost you anything out of pocket if they are on salary, but will make them feel appreciated. Surprise them with giving them a day off and see the smile it puts on their faces.
  3. Flexible schedule. Many people would love a schedule that is a bit more flexible, allowing them to have some give and take when they come in and leave for the day. Reward a good employee with the ability to have some flexibility in their schedule. You can always leave a window in which you need employees there each day.
  4. Work from home. Increasingly people long for working from home. Giving them a day per week to work from home is a reward they will love. The work will still be accomplished, but they will get to work in their pajamas, avoid the office gossip, and save on the commute.
  5. Premium parking. This is a great reward if your business has a large parking lot. Create a “star employee” space right up front and give each month dole it out to an employee who is doing great. Again, it’s a small gesture but it is one they will likely enjoy because it gives them recognition and saves them the hassle of finding space.

Throughout the Rocklin and Sacramento areas there are businesses looking for ways to reward their great employees. There are many ways to do so and you don’t have to break the bank doing it, so there is really no reason to not get started with the recognition!

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