5 Ways to Reward Your Employees Beyond Cash Bonuses, by Rocklin Attorney Terry L. Gibleau

With the holiday season around the corner, along with the end of the year getting closer, many businesses are looking for a way to reward their employees. Throughout the year the employees have done a fine job of helping your business be successful. However, the economic times we are in may make it difficult, or even impossible, to hand out cash bonuses. This is when you need to think beyond cash bonuses!

Most employees in the Rocklin and Sacramento area are not expecting big bonus checks at the end of the year, especially if they haven’t been getting them all along. But employees still like to be acknowledged for the work that they have done all year long. Here are 5 ways you can reward your employees beyond giving them a cash bonus:

  1. Time off. Giving each employee an extra vacation day or day off pass to use is a great way to reward them. It won’t result in cash out of your pocket to give bonuses and may make it easier to provide a reward to begin with.
  2. Movie passes. Although not an expensive gift to get, most people are happy to receive a couple of movie passes. It gives them a night out that is paid for and most people can appreciate something like that. This is an affordable route to giving each of your employees a small gift.
  3. A personal note. Writing a personal thank you note is a great way to make your employees feel special. They will see that you took the time to personally write them a message, thank them for their efforts, and wish them a great New Year.
  4. Catered lunch. Holding a catered lunch for the whole company is a nice way to reward your employees. During lunch take a few minutes to let them know you appreciate their efforts. If you have a couple of star employees who stand out, give them special recognition at the same time.
  5. Title change. If you are not a stickler for employee titles, consider letting them create their own title that fits their position. Many employees love being able to do this and as long as it is in line with their position it shouldn’t pose a problem.

Rewarding employees is a great way to keep them happy, loyal, and heading into the New Year with ambition. Money is tight right now for many businesses, including those in Rocklin and Sacramento, but simply doing nothing this season may leave employees with hurt feelings. Even small gestures, like the ones listed above, will help keep your employees happy and feeling appreciated

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