Attorney Terry L. Gilbeau’s 5 Ways to Build a Winning Team

rocklin roseville business attorneyAs a small business owner, whether in Rocklin or Sacramento, your business is dependent upon having a cohesive team. Having a successful team of employees can literally make or break a business, making it essential that managers and owners focus on team building. The stronger and more focused on success your team, the more successful your small business is likely to be!

Simply knowing that a strong team of employees is essential to your business success is not enough. Just hiring people, filling positions, and then hoping that things will work out is not a plan that will help you get to where you want to be. As a business manager or owner, you need to be more proactive to get the team building results you want and need.

Here are 5 ways that you can work on building a winning team in your small business:

  1. Establish goals. You need to determine what it is that you want your team, and business, to accomplish. Once you know what those goals are, communicate them to your team so you have everyone on board, all working toward the same goals.
  2. Assign roles. It is important on a team that every person knows what his or her role is and what he or she is responsible for. Think of a baseball team. Players know what their role on the team is and if they didn’t, it would be difficult for them to successfully play the game.
  3. Give encouragement. As a manager or owner of the small business you are essentially the team’s coach. So be ready to give them encouragement, keep them focused, and keep them moving along in the right direction toward company goals.
  4. Provide support. Every team needs some kind of support at one time or another. Be ready to provide it, so that if you have a weak link or someone is out sick the team doesn’t fall apart.
  5. Have some fun. It can’t be all business or the team won’t come to have the cohesiveness that you would like and that your business can benefit from. Be sure that your team has some fun together and that they celebrate the company successes that they have all worked toward.

Having a great team in your business, whether in Rocklin or Sacramento, is important to achieving more and having a lower employee turnover rate. But it is something that doesn’t just happen on its own. As their coach, you just need to guide them along and in time they will become a team that helps to strengthen your business and reach the company goals.


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