Legally Spying On Your Employees

senior businesswoman in front of computerLegally Spying On Your Employees

Employers in the Rocklin and Sacramento areas and around the state of California are dealing with problems with their employees. If you have people on your staff that do things like use the computer for their own personal use then you know the feeling. When employees do that on a regular basis it decreases productivity, which is an issue for any business. Many companies are turning to spying on their employees, so that they can keep closer tabs on what they are up to. Some employees have been found using their work computers to surf the Web, chat on Facebook, and even to look at pictures of a questionable nature. The good news is that there are some things you can do to see what your staff is up to on your time. Here a few ways employers are legally spying on their employees while they are on the job:

  • Computer monitoring. There are programs that can be downloaded onto employees’ computers that will give the employer complete access to see what they are doing. Employers can log in and see the person’s screen in real time, or view logs that compile the information of what the employee has been doing.
  • GPS tracking. This is being used by those companies that have employees that work out of the office and especially if they are assigned to a specific geographic location. A company issued cell phone can have a GPS tracking app downloaded, giving employers the ability to see where their employee is at any time that they are on the clock.
  • Video recording. Some businesses are turning to video cameras to keep an eye on employees. The “eye in the sky” is used among businesses that have employees who are responsible for handling cash or working around expensive inventory items.

Even here in the Rocklin and Sacramento area there are employers who are turning to spy options in order to see what their employees are up to. Some spy options are legal, but some are not. If you have questions about which routes you can legally take to get a closer look at what your employees are up to, be sure to contact an attorney for legal advice first. That can save you from getting into a lot of trouble later if your preferred method of spying on your employees turns out to not coincide with the law.


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