Planning to Live and Succeed in Business, by Sacramento Area Attorney Terry L. Gilbeau

Pressure Getting to You?

In a retelling of classic Greek mythology, Atlas is forced by Zeus – the king of the gods – to hold the world on his shoulders. In recent times, Atlas’s punishment is now synonymous with being responsible for numerous tasks in our lives. It is not surprising that many business owners take on Atlas’s role as they attempt to balance the responsibilities of operating the business with obligations outside of the office. When running a business, long hours can replace family dinners, and vacations can become distant memories. The burden becomes heavier when the livelihoods of others depend on a business’s continued success. When carrying the weight of business and personal lives, it is easy to become fatigued. Business “burn out” can affect operations in the same way as a lack of sales or a decrease in productivity. While circumstances might prevent you from removing the “weight,” there are at least two ways you can ease the burden and still build and maintain a successful business.

Make Family (and Other Relationships) a Priority with Scheduling 

At first glance, the idea seems somewhat preposterous. People schedule meetings with clients or visits to the dentist – not family time. Upon further reflection, scheduling time just for family or even for self may help alleviate anxiety from trying to achieve the work/life balance. Incorporating a “personal schedule” into a business schedule is not difficult, as long as there is a commitment to follow through. Set aside a certain time each day or each week devoted to family or to personal activities. Give those times the same importance as business dealings. Family dinner on Wednesday evenings has the same priority as lunch with business partners. Eighteen rounds of golf with a tee time each Saturday morning can share calendar space with the weekly team meeting to discuss business operations. The key to successful scheduling is to choose times wisely and stick to the plan.

Be Willing to Delegate Some Responsibilities 

Many people start businesses to “be their own bosses.” It is difficult for new and established business owners to delegate what they consider as essential tasks. Instead, they choose to handle those tasks on their own, unwilling to assign others to complete them, even if they are qualified. This can affect employee morale and reduce the time owners have to build their businesses or maintain their personal lives. To address the issue, start by making a list of the tasks you complete on a daily or weekly basis. Select tasks you can entrust to others. If you do not have employees, there may be certain responsibilities best suited for persons outside of the office. For example, a business attorney can assist you with contracts and planning. Once you commit to delegating responsibilities to others, you will gain more time to spend with your family and to pursue other interests.

Let’s face it – it is challenging to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders. Now is the time to work on your inner Atlas. You owe it to yourself and your family to find balance in your business and personal life. 

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