Reasons to Not Micromanage Your Business Abound

micromanagementReasons to Not Micromanage Your Business Abound

When it comes to running a small business, whether in the Rocklin and Sacramento areas or beyond, there are a lot of people that can’t let go. Some managers have such a firm grip on their businesses and staff that they may not realize they are damaging both as a result. If you want your small business grow and thrive, you have to learn to let go a little bit. Sometimes getting out of your own way is all it takes to help your business really take off!

A business owner or manager who micromanages his staff ends up trying to oversee everything that happens at the company. They manage every detail, at the expense of those they hired to do the job in the first place. There are some good reasons why you should avoid being a micromanager in your small business, including:

•Build trust. You will never be able to gain a mutually trusting relationship with your staff if you follow them around and have your hand in every thing they do. Letting them have some space to get their job done will help both sides to build trust. All successful businesses need to have a sense of trust for their employees.
•Grow company. Micromanaging your staff can slow progress, keeping it from growing like you would like it to. Let the staff have some space, which will help to make them feel more confident and like they are helping the company thrive, and your business should see some growth. If you hired well you should have people on your staff that are capable of getting their jobs done correctly, and helping to grow your small business.
•Do something else. There is a good chance that there are a list of other more productive things that you, as a business manager, could be doing. You have hired someone else to do the job, so to micromanage them takes you away from doing something more productive for the company. Concentrate more on what else you could be doing to help the company.
•New ideas. When employees feel smothered they will not be using their creativity or business sense in order to come up with new ideas that can help your business grow. Giving them some space will give them the freedom to come up with new solutions to problems, and ideas that can help you reach company goals.

Business mangers throughout Rocklin and Sacramento know that it’s important to share company goals with employees. Now they know that they need to also give them a little space in order to confidently carry out those tasks and help to reach the company vision. The more you trust in them and their abilities, the more they will want to help your business succeed!


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