4 Reasons to Protect Your Company Name

Modern buildingWhen you think of your company name there is a good chance that it stands for something. And it should. Your company name should represent what you want your business to be known for. Honesty, integrity, good customer service, the best frozen yogurt around –whatever it is that makes up your business, it is important that the name be identified with your business, and not someone else’s.

Whether your business is in the Rocklin and Sacramento areas or elsewhere in California it is important that you protect your company name. Having another company use your name can create problems in the business world for a number of reasons. Here are 4 reasons you should protect your company name:

  1. So that other businesses can’t use it. The last thing you want is for another company to be using your business name. This goes for whether other businesses are on the other side of the city or somewhere else in the state. You want a business name that is unique and yours alone.
  2. To help protect and strengthen your brand. In the business world image and branding are crucial to success and long term growth. It is important that when customers think of your business name that it is your business they associate it with, and not the one down the road with the same name.
  3. To help keep competitors from cashing in on your efforts. Can you imagine if you put in time and money toward marketing only to find out that the customers were lining up at the door of the business that has the same name as yours? It is imperative that businesses distinguish themselves so that their marketing and branding efforts are not done in vain.
  4. It helps to protect your business. Whether it is liability issues, reputation, or outstanding bills that need to be paid, having the same company name can create headaches that you simply don’t need to deal with. It can also lead to misunderstandings and other issues.

When creating a business it is important to take time to ensure that there are no other companies with the same name. If there are, then you need to choose another name. Once you have decided on a name for your company it is important that you take the steps to protect and trademark it, so that others cannot begin using it and infringe upon your business. Whether you are the Rocklin and Sacramento areas or elsewhere in California you can always speak with a business attorney for issues regarding trademark infringement and business naming issues.

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