Creditors’ Rights

The Law Offices of Terry L. Gilbeau provides a powerful, cost effective debt and judgment collection solution for creditors by maximizing recoveries, and optimizing liquidation rates and controlling costs. From a simple collection letter, or all the way to litigation and post-judgment collection, the Law Offices of Terry L. Gilbeau has the resources to assist our clients in the collection of debts in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Business Disputes and Litigation

The Law Offices of Terry L. Gilbeau provides skilled legal representation to assist in resolving all types of business disputes, using negotiation, meditation, arbitration and litigation as appropriate. The Law Offices of Terry L. Gilbeau assists clients in resolving business and commercial litigation, and in arbitration and regulatory proceedings, including contract disputes, construction disputes, real estate litigation, partner and shareholder disputes, employment law matters, and unfair competition.

International Taxation and Dispute Resolution

The Law Offices of Terry L. Gilbeau provides competent legal advice for executive and in-house counsel regarding international business transactions, including taxation and collection issues. In today’s global economy, more and more companies find themselves facing international issues for the first time. Products and even services may be subject to taxation in a multitude of jurisdictions, and careful research and tax planning may minimize or eliminate such liabilities. Business disputes often cross geographical borders, and inevitably involve differences in cultures and legal systems. Corporate executives must recognize that the timely and cost-effective resolution of actual or threatened international litigation requires sound legal advice. The Law Offices of Terry L. Gilbeau can provide important legal advice in such matters, and can assist in arranging for competent legal counsel in other jurisdictions.

Other Practice Areas

  • Asset Protection Trusts
  • Capitalization and financing
  • Contract negotiation, preparation and review
  • Entity formation and succession planning
  • Bankruptcy and out-of-court workouts