Should You Have Your Employees Wear Name Tags?


Should You Have Your Employees Wear Name Tags?

If you have been watching the headlines, you may have heard the news about Starbucks. Actually, there is a lot of Starbucks news, but this is about the name tag issue. After spending over a year conducting research into the matter, they have decided that they are going to have all of their baristas wear name tags. Without a doubt, this move will prompt a lot of other businesses to follow suit, or at least to consider the move.

When it comes to businesses around the Rocklin and Sacramento area, you are bound to find both those whose employees wear name tags and those who don’t. That is representative of the country in general. Many businesses forgo them simply because they don’t deal with the public. Others bypass them because their employees let it be known that they don’t care for them.

There are benefits for businesses that do decide to have their employees wear name tags, including:

  • Professionalism. When people have a name tag on they tend to act more professionally. They realize that their name is out there for everyone to see, so their own reputation is on the line, as well as the company’s. Also, a name tag is part of a uniform, and wearing a uniform sets a tone of professionalism.
  • Customer service. For those employees who are working with the public, it is helpful if they wear a name tag. They will most likely try harder to provide good customer service, since their name is right there.
  • Loyalty. Wearing a name tag will help to put customers on a first-name basis with those waiting on them. When this happens, it often creates a friendly atmosphere and, in turn, builds loyalty. When customers feel like they know the people that work there, they are more likely to keep returning to do business.
  • Branding. Depending on how you design your name tag, it may become a branding tool for your company. Those with the company logo will subtly help with your branding efforts.

These are just a few of the reasons that Starbucks has made that move. There are other benefits, as well, and the benefits outweigh the downside of employees not being all that fond of name tags. In the end, business mangers around Rocklin and Sacramento will need to make the decision for their own business as to whether or not having the employees wear name tags makes sense for them. Whatever they choose, they should start seeing them on their favorite Starbucks baristas soon!


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