Terry L. Gilbeau’s Tips for Avoiding Contract Disputes

Terry L. GilbeauContracts are meant to protect the parties that are involved in making a transaction or agreement. But they can often turn into problems, with businesses often having contract disputes. The good news is that there are things that businesses can do to try and avoid contract disputes. Whether in the Rocklin and Sacramento areas or beyond, being diligent when working with your contracts can go a long way toward avoiding disputes.

A contract dispute usually arises when someone is not satisfied with the work or service that they are receiving, or they want to get out of the arrangement. Depending on the situation, this can become a sticky situation that may lead to litigation. Here are a few tips for avoiding contracts disputes to begin with:

  • Get specific. Contracts are detailed, so be sure to get specific about what each party’s obligations are. Everything should be included, so that there is nothing left to personal interpretation. If there is something important to you, be sure to get it into the contract before signing.
  • Understand the verbiage. For the average business person, contracts can be a bit confusing or even overwhelming. This prompts many people to skim over them, missing a lot of information, and signing anyway. This can get you into some hot water later. Always read the contract before signing and be sure you understand what it says. If you don’t understand it, get clarification.
  • Negotiate the terms. Just because you are presented with a business contract does not mean that you must sign it as is. You can try to negotiate the terms of the contract before signing, so that your needs are also addressed. Bring up those issues and see what can be done to negotiate the contract prior to signing.
  • Keep records. Whether it is a construction project or a business contract of another sort, always keep an account of what is transpiring. That way if the other party is not following through you will have all the information you need at your fingertips.
  • Get help. Since business contracts can be confusing for those without a legal background, it is often beneficial to seek the assistance of a third party. By having an attorney take a quick look over the contract it can help prevent potential problems later on.

At some point, most businesses will enter into contracts with other businesses. This is the normal course of things and nobody expects that disputes will arise, but they do. They arise in Rocklin, Roseville, and Sacramento, as well as throughout California and the rest of the state. Preventing contract disputes is your first best step, followed up by working with an attorney to address them if they should arise.


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