Tips for Being Productive When Working From Home

Woman's hand on a laptopTips for Being Productive When Working From Home

If you have thought about working from home you are not alone. It’s increasingly becoming a popular way for people to go, even here in the Rocklin and Sacramento areas. In fact, the Census Bureau reports that around 13.4 million people now work from home in America. Since 1997, that is an 11 million person jump, showing just how popular the option is becoming. But make no mistake – working from home is no walk in the park! Working at home sounds like it will be great. You can roll out of bed when you want, work all day in your pajamas, do the work you want, watch some television, and take off to run some errands. But at the end of the day or week if you haven’t done much work because of all these things then your salary is going to suffer. Being successful at working from home comes down to being productive. Here are some tips for being productive when you work from home:

  • Set a timer. It’s easy to get distracted with non-work phone calls and even Facebook. Use something like the “Pomodoro Method” to get your work done in chunks of productive time. Set a timer for 25 minutes and work straight on a project during that time. When the timer goes off, then you can take a 5 minute break to do other things, before setting it again for the 25 minutes.
  • Choose some hours and set some rules. If possible, determine the hours that you will do your work. Then let your friends and family know, so that they don’t interrupt you during that time with non-emergency things.
  • Take breaks. Always take a lunch break, and get away from your desk when you do. Your mind will be fresh when you come back to do more work.
  • Set goals. Always set some goals either on a daily or weekly basis, so that you know what you want to accomplish. Whether you keep a production calendar or you make a daily to-do list always know what you are doing each day.

Another thing that people who need to get used to, whether in the Rocklin and Sacramento area or beyond, is how to deal with the peaks and valleys. If you are in business for yourself and work at home you may have no work one day and an avalanche of it the next couple. Working at home requires you to be patient and learn to adjust, using your down days for prospecting new business.


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