Tips for Choosing An Attorney for Your Business, by Rocklin Business Attorney Terry L. Gilbeau

Tips for Choosing An Attorney to Work With

At one time or another, many businesses need to hire an attorney and for many business owners, this can be very intimidating. Local businesses in the Rocklin and Sacramento area are no exception. But it doesn’t have to be. Whether they need a legal expert to go over contracts, collect a past due debt, help set up their business, or help with tax issues, knowing how to choose an attorney to work with can be important, and may be easier than you think! 

Choosing an Attorney

Unless you personally know an attorney, it may seem like a daunting task to choose one suited to your business’s needs. Rather than throw darts at pictures on a board, or randomly select one from the phone book, do a little homework. We want our clients to do their homework, because we are confident in the high level work we provide. The time you spend doing so will be well worth it, in the long run.  

Here are a few tips for choosing a Rocklin or Sacramento attorney to work with for your business’s legal needs:

  • Meet the attorney. You want to know whether the people in the attorney’s office are going to mesh with your personality. Stop in and meet them to see if they are friendly and attentive. Our initial consultations are free of charge. 
  • Get referrals. Ask around to see if other business owners you know have used a local attorney. If they have, ask what their experience was like and what recommendations they have.
  • Research reputation. Take a few minutes online to research an attorney’s reputation. Do a quick search for their name and see what comes up, as well as conducting a quick search at the Better Business Bureau. You can also call your state bar association to inquire about how long an attorney has been practicing law and if they have received any complaints against them.
  • Evaluate experience. Be sure that the attorney you choose to work with has experience in the area in which you need help. Hire an attorney that has experience working with routine business law.
  • Go with the gut. When you meet the attorney, pay attention to how you feel. If you are comfortable with the attorney, that’s a good sign. If you’re not, or you feel hesitant about working with the person, continue your search.

Trial Run

Keep in mind that you are not bound to any attorney, unless you have signed some sort of lengthy contract with them. You should have the ability to try working with an attorney for a while and then changing to a different one, if need be. Do your homework and choose someone that knows the law and business. This will help you accomplish your goals. 


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