Tips for Creating a Culture that Avoids Office Politics

Tips for Creating a Culture that Avoids Office Politics


One thing that many people are passionate about is politics. Especially when there has been an election, big news, laws being signed, or other significant political actions taken. Problem is, what happens in the political world can have an impact on your office culture, if you let it. The last thing you as a manager want is for your employees to spend their time bickering about political differences. In the end, their productivity will suffer, as well as the team mentality.

Those businesses in both Rocklin and Sacramento will find that they can create a culture that avoids office politics, but it will take being proactive to do so. Her are some tips for creating a culture among your staff that helps to avoid office politics:

  • Steer clear of gossip. When people are standing around gossiping it can often lead to political discourse. Let your staff know that gossip usually wastes valuable work time and is discouraged in the office.
  • Only discuss politics when appropriate. If it has been an issue in your office, let your employees know that politics should only be discussed if it is  related to your business. For example, if a new law is created that impacts your business then it is acceptable to discuss it. Otherwise it should be left off the table.
  • Set a good example. As a business manager it is important to show your staff the way you want them to behave. If political topics come up, kindly let them know it isn’t the time or place for them, and remind everyone that there is work to be done.
  • Bring the focus back to work. The most important thing for your team to realize is that they are there to work together for a common goal. If you hear political discussions take a matter of fact approach to bringing the attention back to the work at hand.
  • Keep political opinions out of the office. Some people can become heated when discussing politics. Let your staff know that political opinions should be checked at the door if they have nothing to do with the job or your business. This includes not allowing signs, cartoons, shirts, or other displays of political opinions.

Businesses that have a diverse team of people working for them can gain from all the perspectives and experiences. But if political differences become an issue it can lead to poor attitudes, a decrease in productivity, and problems within the office. Make it a mission to keep politics out of the office, if they don’t pertain to your business, and your team will ultimately be happier for it.


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