Tips for Dealing with Office Gossip

Business woman covering mouth, isolatedTips for Dealing with Office Gossip

As a business manager you have most likely seen it before. Employees standing around the water cooler or cubicle in a hush-hush fashion, passing on the dirty details about another employee. This gossip is something that may seem like idle chatter, but the truth is that it can damage your business. Gossip can create a negative work atmosphere, as well as keep your employees from getting their work done – both of which will cost you money. By definition, gossip is the act of someone revealing personal or sensational facts about someone else or spreading rumors. There are some people who will try and avoid it, but there are others who get drawn in and can’t wait to hear the next juicy detail. When you see your employees gossiping begin to equate it with a loss of productivity and team morale. As such, it’s time to take action and get it out of your office. Here are some tips for dealing with office gossip:

  • Hold a quick meeting. Let your staff know that you hear gossip being spread around the office and you don’t appreciate it. Explain that it creates a negative atmosphere and ultimately costs the company money.
  • Tell people what to do about it. Some people don’t want to take part in gossiping, but they fear they will seem rude or will become the next victim of it if they opt out. They need to know how to handle it, such as saying they need to get back to work, in order to address it when brought up to them.
  • Take action if needed. If there is one person on your team that is a gossiper and your company meeting doesn’t seem to help resolve the issue it’s time to go one-on-one. Hold a meeting with just that person to discuss his or her gossiping and ask that the person stop doing it. If that doesn’t work it may be time to consider replacing that employee, because of the damage it may do to your company over time. If others are not happy because of the negative atmosphere they may leave, which may cost you even more money.

Office gossip can be an issue here in the Rocklin and Sacramento areas just as throughout the state of California. Because of the negative impact it can have on your business it is essential that you take action to address it. The sooner you do, the better off your company will be!


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