Tips for Hiring an Intern For Your Business, by Rocklin Attorney Terry L. Gilbeau

If your business has not yet tried hiring any interns, now is the time! Having an intern, or several of them, can be a great way to access some additional low-cost help, as well as some fresh ideas. It can also be a great experience for the intern, as you provide them with valuable hands-on experience and help them make connections. Not sure where to start? No problem!

Finding Interns

Now you know that interns can be valuable for your business. But you may not know exactly where to find them. Here are a few tips on finding interns in the Rocklin and Sacramento area, as well as for hiring them:

  • Contact colleges. The best way to find an intern is by contacting colleges in the Rocklin and Sacramento area. Let them know you are seeking an intern and what type of business you have. They will be able to match you up with qualified candidates.
  • Fill out forms. Some colleges give credit for internships, so you may need to fill out a form or two in order to ensure that the student receives that credit. 
  • Determine stipend. Not all internships pay a stipend. If you can afford to do so, it is a nice gesture for the work the intern will provide. If you plan to pay one, have an amount in mind when starting the search process so you are prepared.
  • Write job duties. Consider what you would like the intern to do on the job. Write up a list of duties so that you can share that job description with the school and with candidates for the position.
  • Conduct interviews. Just as if you were hiring an employee, go through the interview process with the possible internet candidates. Choose the one that you feel will match your company’s culture the best and will bring the most to the position.
  • Train properly. As interns, they are going to be in need of training. Assume that you will need to show them the ropes for the entire position, and give them the training they need to succeed and to gain important knowledge and real-world skills from their internship.

Mutual Gain

Internships, done right, are a win-win situation for both the business and the intern. You will help to provide them with valuable training and exposure in your field. In return, they will provide your business with enthusiasm, man-power and ideas. When you first hire the intern, determine how long you want the internship to last. After that point, you can either part ways or do as many businesses do and hire the person on as an employee.


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