Tips for Managing Your Social Media Accounts by Rocklin Business Attorney Terry L. Gilbeau

rocklin business lawyer social media imageIt’s now estimated that there are one billion people on Facebook. There are also millions who are using Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, and a variety of other social media outlets. Many people in the Sacramento and Rocklin area are also using social media. For small businesses, setting up the accounts are the easy part. Managing them on an ongoing basis is a completely different challenge, one that is crucial if you want to capitalize on using social media to begin with.

Social media for small business can be an effective way to get one’s name out there. Here are some tips for effective social media management:


  • Give them something to share. One of the best ways to grow your social media audience is to give them something they will want to share with others — for example, an interesting picture or discount offer. The more they share, the more people will see your company name. Don’t be afraid to ask them to share, too.
  • Go beyond self promotion. Nobody really wants to read something that is all self promotion. After a while, they will tune out. Social media tactics for small businesses is far more effective if they can also discuss things that their audience will be interested in. Ask them questions, post interesting facts and links to articles, and in between promote your business.
  • Let them have their say. As long as your fans or audience are not spewing a lot of negative things about your company, let them say what they want. Often, people will appreciate a company more if the customer is allowed to get things off their chest. So long as it’s not overly damaging to your business, allow some leeway for them to share their experiences. 
  • Try to avoid offending the audience. This is an important one when it comes to social media for small business. It’s easy to post pictures and cartoons on social media accounts. Whatever you post, make an effort to avoid items that might be offensive to anyone. If for someone reason someone is offended, remove it, and apologize for the blunder.
  • Consider hiring a pro. Small businesses that want to get a lot out of their social media should consider hiring a social media manager. The social media manager, who can be hired on a direct or freelance basis, knows the ins and outs of what to do, will dedicate the time necessary to leveraging the power of social media, and if done correctly will be worth investment.

Social media management should become a regular part of any business’s weekly plans, especially if you want to reach those customers in the Sacramento and Rocklin area. The ability to affordably keep your company name in front of your audience and be able to interact with them is well worth the effort. Successful social media management is essential for most businesses today, and is easier to achieve than you may think!

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