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Should Employees Wear Name Tags? Starbucks is Doing It?

 If you have been watching the headlines, you may have heard the news about Starbucks. Actually, there is a lot of Starbucks news, but this is about the name tag issue. After spending over a year conducting research into the matter, they have decided that they are going to have all of their baristas wear name tags. Without a doubt, this move will prompt a lot of other businesses to follow suit, or at least to consider the move.


Roseville and Rocklin Business Attorney Presents 5 Ways to Create a Positive Business Environment

Creating a positive work environment, no matter where you are in Roseville or Auburn or anywhere takes being proactive. It’s not something that just happens. As a business manager or owner, you have to help make it happen.



5 Ways to Show Your Customers Appreciation

You appreciate your customers. You know that you do, but do they realize it? If you don’t know the answer to that question it may be time to hold a ‘customer appreciation’ day or week. Doing so is just one simple way to give back to those who give to you all year, and lets them know you appreciate their business.

Whether your business is in the Rocklin and Sacramento areas or beyond, showing customer appreciation is always a smart.


Sexual Harassment Policy by Rocklin Attorney Terry L. Gilbeau

Anytime you have questions regarding sexual harassment in the workplace you should speak with an attorney. That way you get the best, most current, legal information in order to help protect your business. This goes for businesses in both the Rocklin and Sacramento areas, and throughout the country. Taking measures ahead of time to protect your business can go a long way!



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