Ways Businesses Can Use Press Releases, by Rocklin Lawyer Terry L. Gilbeau

Press releases, or news releases, are something that just about all businesses should consider issuing. Even those businesses that don’t think they have any “news” to share are likely to have information they can share with the public. From reaching milestones in years of service to meeting sales goals, there are plenty of angles to take with a press release. It’s knowing what to do with it once you have it that will make a world of difference.

To get the process started, businesses that do not have a marketing department should consider hiring someone, at least on a freelance basis, to write their press releases. Knowing how to write a professional press release is important to having it be effective and worth the investment. Here are four ways to use the press release once you have it ready to go:

  • Send to the media. Obviously, you want to send the press release to the media. This includes print, television and radio. Never send it via email as an attachment. Instead, copy and paste it into the body of a message, so that it is not filtered out as spam or as being potentially harmful to the receiver’s computer.
  • Distribute online. By distributing online through a place like PRWeb, you will help your company to draw more traffic to its site. For a one-time fee of around $80, they will post it in their database, making it accessible to millions who do searches. This can be a good way to gain online exposure.
  • Add to media kit. If you have a media kit, keep a couple of your latest press releases in there, to show people what your company is up to. Make sure to print off nice copies that are on letterhead.
  • Post on your site. Your website should have a media or press section where you can post your press releases. Copy and paste them onto the page, rather than adding them as a document or PDF, so that they will be picked up by search engines more easily. That way, when people search for things specific to your company, your site will have a better chance of showing up.

Press releases can be a powerful tool in helping to grow your business, as well as helping to get your name out there. For businesses in the Rocklin and Sacramento area, and beyond, it’s important to find events and accomplishments about which you can periodically issue a press release. You may well be surprised by the results you receive in return!


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